Why Irsyad Zuhri

Model for the future

“We have been acknowledged by Muslim pedagogues in a 2009 International Journal entitled “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” as a future for Islamic education for the following reasons :

–   Progressive education system
–   Balanced religious and secular education
–   Holistic and replicable model”


We groom Khalifah Fil Ard

Insya Allah, through a whole-school approach of creating an Islamic environment that models the values and behaviors expected of a good Muslim, our young Khalifah shall develop an Islamic identity that will truly be a blessings for humanity.

Our Islamic Studies lessons are done through  authentic approaches where they are practiced and experienced. We aspire to create a sense of inspiration towards the beauty of Islam and the love of the pioneers of Islam.

We are Active Learners

We engage our students through active learning, involving each child through the active learning process. Advanced pedagogies, utilizing state of the art electronic gadgets like ipads, interactive boards, polling devices, media players are natural tools that are part and parcel of our teaching approaches.

We are conscious of our students diverse learning needs, and we adopt differentiated teaching strategies to engage each of them.

We are innovators in future education

We have developed “cutting-edge” and “breakthrough” approaches in teaching and learning for the ummah. Among the innovative programs that we developed are the “Fitrah Al-Arabiah Lil-Mubtadiin” and the “Omar and Mariam” Arabic programs.