Student Leadership

Key Programmes

Student leaders are a specially selected group of students who display exemplary character to their peers. Our student leaders, elected at Primary 4, undergo a few levels of selection including recommendation by teachers and face-to-face interview with the Pupil Development team.

Once selected, our student leaders will undergo a series of leadership training and assigned various duties to support the day to day running of the Madrasah. Student leaders also have the opportunity to serve in school events such as the Lower Primary Games Day and Primary 1 Entrance Test.

Class Wizarah (Committee)

In every semester, each class will appoint students for the following roles:

  • 02 Class Chairperson (1 boy & 1 girl)
  • 01 Estates Manager
  • 01 AVA Monitor
  • 01 Class Librarian

Primary 5 Ashabul Khidmah

The Ashabul Khidmah are Primary 5 students who are selected to guide the younger Primary 1-3 students in preparing and performing their daily Zuhur prayers.