Science Department

Head of Department (Science)
Coordinator (Science)
Coordinator (Science)

  • Mr Rosli Abdullah
  • Mdm Sueriaty Abdul Khalil
  • Mdm Nurul ‘Iffa Omar
  • Mr Ahmad Bahktiar Othman
  • Mr Mohammad Fadilah Ahmad
  • Mr Muliyatno Buang
  • Mdm H Fazeelathunnisa
  • Mdm Rosmawati Abdul Rasol
  • Mdm Siti Nor Rafidah Mohamed Jalil
  • Mdm Masdiana Mohd Masudi


STEM Centre of Excellence and Collaboration (COEC)
STEM Professional Development Programme for Madrasah teachers

Two 5-hour workshops were conducted in January and March to introduce madrasah teachers to STEM education in Singapore
 and the key components in planning and conducting STEM lessons. The two workshops were conducted by NIE lecturers who are part of meriSTEM@NIE,
namely Prof Teo Tang Wee (Co-Head @ meriSTEM) and Prof Tan Aik Leng (Core team Member @ meriSTEM).


Toy Creation Competition 2021

Our inaugural Toy Creation competition attracted more than sixty entries from our P4 and P5 students.
The teacher judges had a lot of fun going through each entry as a lot of creativity and innovation went into each toy.

The winners of the Toy Creation 2021 competition

Primary 4 Winners
1st Place :
Fatema Durryah, P4 Cordova
2nd Place :
Nurul Hilwana Iman, P4 Dimasyq
3rd Place :
Muhammad Rayyan, P4 Fez
Primary 5 Winners
1st Place :
Ahmed Zaeem Deen, P5 Fez
2nd Place :
Mohamed Muadz, P5 Bukhara
3rd Place :
Ahmad Hakimi, P5 Bukhara

Empowering STEM Education Professionals Programme (ESEPP) 2021

A group of teachers participated in this competition where teachers come together to plan a STEM programme for the students and submit the details of the programme for evaluation by judges who consist of lecturers from NIE as well as the Singapore Science Centre. Even though Irsyad’s team, which made up of Mdm ‘Iffa (Team leader), Mdm Fazeela, Mdm Naadira, Mdm Wan Juliana and Mdm Masdiana, was not one of the winning teams, the experience itself was invaluable and puts us at a better stead to come up with a better programme next year.

The theme for the competition was ‘Sustainable Energy’ and P6 Dimasyq students who were part of the programme set out to design a playground that can harness kinetic and solar energy and convert them to electrical energy. The whole process was under the supervision and facilitation of the teachers.