Pupil Development

Pupil Department

Head of Department
Asst Head of Department
Pupil Coordinator
Pupil Coordinator
Primary 1 Level Coordinator
Primary 2 Level Coordinator
Primary 3 Level Coordinator
Primary 4 Level Coordinator
Primary 5 Level Coordinator
Primary 6 Level Coordinator

  • Mr Ahmad Bahktiar Othman
  • Miss Nooraishah
  • Ustaz Nor Mustaqim Abdullah
  • Ustazah Suriyati Safie
  • Mdm Sahrina Rani
  • Mdm Wan Juliana Bte Mohd Taib
  • Cikgu Zakiah Zakaria
  • Cikgu Noraishah Jaafar
  • Mdm Naadira/ Mdm Fazeela
  • Ustaz Ismail/ Mdm Suwarti


Tarbiyyah Framework

Key Programmes

First Days of School Programme (FDOS)
FDOS Programme is held on the first few days of Semesters 1 and 2. The objectives of the programme are:

  • To re-align/ introduce to students of the school/ class rules and procedures
  • To provide a platform for establishing/ re-enforcing positive ties between students-teachers and students-students
  • To allow students to re-set their goals for the semester with respect to their performance in the previous semester/ year
  • To motivate the students to coming back to school after a long break

Whitespace Programmes

Whitespace programmes are 1-hour per week programmes that are specially planned activities aimed to supplement students’ holistic developmental growth. The activities are generally spread out to cover the following aspects:

  • Physical Growth
  • Aesthetic Development
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Information Technology Skills

Student Leadership

InsyaAllah, every Irsyadian will have the opportunity to experience performing a leadership role during their 6 years of study here.
The list below describes the leadership opportunities the Madrasah offers:


  • Student Leader
  • Class Wizarah (Committee)
  • Primary 5 Ashabul Khidmah
  • Subject Representatives

Service Learning

Service learning programmes for a major aspect of every Irsyadian, in line with the Madrasah’s mission of developing every child to be Khalifah. Our service learning programmes are divided into cohort-based and special-programmes.

  • Primary 5 and 6 Ramadan Community Involvement Programme (CIP)
  • Primary 4 CIP @ P4 Young Khalifah Camp 
  • Special Programmes (selected students)
  • P4 Johor Rohingya CIP
  • P5 Batam CIP
  • P6 Khalifah Expedition (Khalifex)

Primary 4 CIP @ P4 Young Khalifah Camp 


While service learning develops the humane side of our students, camps serve to develop the resilience in them through exposure to purposefully planned outdoor experiences.

2D1N (local) P4 Young Khalifah Camp

3D2N (overseas) P5 Khalifive Camp

Colours Award

The Colours Award is a new initiative by the Madrasah to develop students’ competitive spirit, encourage excellence beyond academics and recognise all of students’ extra-curricular activities within and beyond the Madrasah.
The Colours Award consists of 2 components: (1) Participation and (2) Achievement in Competitions.

Young Muslim Scholar Programme

The Young Muslim Scholar Programme aims to bring Madrasah Irsyad’s efforts of grooming its students to be future Scholars to a new level, in which Islamic content is fused together with academic interests. Students will get to choose a field of interest and embark on a self-led discovery involving active participation of their parents. The Young Muslim Scholar Programme aspires to further ignite the birth of future Islamic Scholars.

Cleanest Class Award

“Cleanliness is half of faith (iman)” – Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h
In order to promote good habits via cleanliness, each month, the cleanest class per level will be selected.

Field Day

“The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, but there is goodness in both of them.” – Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h
We believe that our students need the time and space to play and ease their minds from the long study week. Hence, complementing the PE lessons, P4-6 students have the opportunity to play at the school field during their recess time:


  • Primary 6 – Monday & Wednesday
  • Primary 5 – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Primary 4 – Friday