Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Science Department

Head of Department (Mathematics)
Head of Department (Science)
Asst Head of Department (Mathematics)
Upper Pri Math Coordinator
Lower Pri Math Coordinator
Science Coordinator
Science Coordinator

  • Mr Nizam A Khalid
  • Mr Rosli Abdullah
  • Mdm Subaidah Asmin
  • Mdm Alwiah Mohamad
  • Mdm Aisha Hamid
  • Mdm Sueriaty Khalil
  • Mdm Nurul ‘Iffa Omar
  • Mr Fammy Ismail
  • Mr Mohamad Fadilah
  • Mdm H Fazeelatunnisa
  • Mdm Juliana Tahar
  • Mdm Wan Juliana Md. Taib
  • Ms Siti Salmah Abdul Rashid
  • Mdm Nazratul Nadiah
  • Mr Muliyatno Buang
  • Mdm Naadira Md. Ishak
  • Mdm Rosmawati Rasol
  • Mdm Jawiah Hasiran
  • Mdm Rosmawati Ahmad
  • Mr Syed Mukhtar Shah


Mathematics Olympiad

The Mathematics Olympiad programme was first introduced in 2015 with the objective of stretching the potential of our high-progress students.
Our students have since won many awards at various Olympiad competitions like the
American Mathematics Olympiad and Singapore & Asian Schools Mathematics Olympiad.

Olympiad training sessions are conducted on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30 – 5pm and are open to selected students.

Mathematics Enrichment programme

The Mathematics Enrichment programme was introduced to look into the needs of the middle to high progress students.
The programme focuses on the application of heuristics in tackling word problems.
Math Enrichment programme are conducted on Monday afternoons from 3.30 – 5pm and are open to selected students.

Mendaki Tuition Scheme @ Irsyad

In collaboration with Mendaki, the Mendaki Tuition Scheme was introduced to provide our
students with extra guided practice and revision in Mathematics and Science.
The groups are kept to a size of 10 – 15 students for better tutor and student interaction 
MTS (P1 – P5 Math) lessons are conducted on Mondays, 3.30 – 5pm and
MTS (P4 & P5 Science) lessons are conducted on Wednesdays, 3.30 – 5pm.

‘Math & Science AHA!’ ( Pre-Assembly Programme )

As part of the department’s efforts to excite the students about Math and Science beyond the classroom,
‘Math & Science AHA!’ was introduced as part of the madrasah’s pre-assembly programme.
Teachers and students conduct Math quizzes and Science demonstrations on alternate Thursday mornings which never fails to
peak students’ interest and create a positive buzz before they start their lessons.

Math and Science AHA! Is conducted on Thursday mornings before assembly from 7.20 – 7.35am
with the Math AHA! and Science AHA! being on alternate weeks.

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