Irsyad Games

Irsyad Games is a major sports-based event involving all students and teachers throughout their 6 years of study in Madrasah Irsyad.
Irsyad Games aims to be one of the platforms for students to live Madrasah Irsyad’s values: Iman, Ihsan and Itqan.

This year-long event will see students represent their respective houses in a variety of events resulting in an a
ccumulation of points leading up to a particular house crowned as the Champion House for the year.

Irsyad Zuhri House Team 2020

Irsyad Games is divided into 2 major categories:

  1. Lower Primary Games Day
  2. Upper Primary Sports Day

While the Lower Primary Games Day is an introductory application of the Physical Education syllabus learnt by the Primary 1 – 3 students, the Upper Primary Sports Day picks up the competitive spirit in our students via the following sub-events:

  1. Primary 5 Inter-House Games (Soccer & Netball)
  2. Primary 6 Inter-House Games (Soccer & Netball)
  3. Upper Primary Sports Day (Track & Field events)

Upper Primary Sports Day

Shot Put Teaser

Javelin Teaser

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