Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah is looking for qualified candidates who are capable to assume the following positions:

Non-Teaching Vacancies

Vice-Principal (Administration), JMS

A Vice Principal is a key member of the school’s senior management team, overseeing all non-curriculum areas.

Role Description

The Vice Principal (Administration) manages the overall operations of the madrasah. The officer is expected to drive the effective execution of the madrasah’s operations and programmes based on established guidelines. He/she is also expected to network with stakeholders and neighbouring schools and organisations within and beyond the Muslim community.

As a key member of the madrasah’s senior management team, officer will be responsible for aiding the achievement of the holistic education outcomes and learning experience of students through effective madrasah administration and efficient resource management.

Effective communication skills are key requirements of the job as officer will need to communicate effectively with both students and parents in the lingua franca of the madrasah. Officer will also be expected to submit and present reports to the JMS Board of Governors and the Joint Committee on Madrasah Education meetings.   

The officer will also lead a team of administrative staff to uphold service excellence in the madrasah and work in close collaboration with the teaching staff and Muis to achieve the desired madrasah and educational outcomes.

Key responsibilities include working with and supporting the Principal in these areas:

  • Madrasah strategic planning and implementation
  • School administration and management of resources
  • Leadership and management of people
  • At least 7 years general management experience including a minimum of 4 years in a leadership position.
  • Prior experience in strategic planning, finance and human resource management would be an advantage.
  • A dynamic and highly driven individual with strong communication, interpersonal and stakeholder management skills; as well as strategic thinking, analytical and leadership skills.
  • Enthusiastic about educating and interacting with young students.

Applicants should submit a cover letter including a short summary of relevant work experience and skillsets that would clearly illustrate your ability to meet the requirements. 

Teaching Vacancies

Teacher (Mathematics & Science)

(Closing date 15 feb 2021)
(Closing date 22 feb 2021)

Your key responsibilities shall include the following but not limited to:

  •  Plan, evaluate, prepare resources & conduct lessons
  • Customise and apply pedagogy to attend to the different learning needs of the
  • Prepare & assess work & assignments, provide feedback and maintain
  • Exercise proper classroom management to ensure a conducive learning
  • Monitor students’ development through various channels such as counselling
    and working with parents to meet with the pastoral and cognitive needs of the
  • Undertake pastoral duties, such as taking on the role of a form teacher and
    support pupils on an individual basis
  • Take charge of / participate in co-curricular activities, committees and any
    other school programmes as assigned
  • Participate in school & departmental meetings, parents’ teacher meetings and
    training programmes
  • Any other duties as assigned


  • A good diploma or degree in the relevant discipline, preferably with relevant
    teaching qualifications
  • At least 3 years of relevant teaching experience 
  • Passionate to teach students in the age group of 7 to 12 years old
  •  Meticulous & has excellent interpersonal, communication, planning
    and analytical skills
  • Ability to plan independently, multi-task, work both independently and as
    a team
  • This position is open only to Singaporean or Singapore PR

Relief Teachers Vacancies

Relief Teachers (Academic Subjects / Arabic Subjects)

Your Key Responsibilities Shall Include The Following But Not Limited To:
  • Conduct Lessons In The Absence Of The Subject Teacher
  • Ensure The Well-Being Of The Students Within & Beyond The Classroom
  • Exercise Proper Classroom Management To Achieve A Conducive Learning Environment
  • Assist In School Activities As Assigned
  • Any Other Duties As Assigned
  • Minimum GCE ‘O’ Level Graduates With Good Results
  • Enjoy Teaching Students In The Age Group Of 7 To 12 Years Old
  • Strong Content Mastery
  • Excellent Communication, Interpersonal & Classroom Management Skills
  • This Position Is Open Only To Singaporean Or Singapore PR
Your application as a relief teacher will be added to the relief teacher database in our records.
We will contact you if your skills and knowledge fit the requirements of the vacancy in hand.

Interested in working with us ?

We regret to inform that only shortlisted applicants will be notified for an interview.
Note : The Madrasah does not accept applications from Recruitment Agencies.
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