Irsyad Apps

Fitrah Curriculum

Fitrah is a breakthrough new Arabic language curriculum specifically designed for non-native Arabic language learners.

Fitrah Resource

Teaching Arabic is a breeze with the supporting teaching resources like interactive games, slides, audios, videos, etc.

Fitrah eLearning


Learning Arabic is brought to the future with an eLearning solution that provides positive student engagement.


Omar Mariam Series

It’s fun ! Even for adults ! Omar and Mariam guarantee that you can easily read (and understand) an Arabic book in no time.


P1-Ready Portal

This portal is designed to assist your child to prepare for Primary 1 in Madrasah Irsyad through fun quiz and games.

Bijak Bahasa

Learn Malay the fun way! Ace your PSLE. Interactive lessons and games to learn the language of the Nusantara.

School Management System

A cloud-based school management system that offers access for parents to monitor the progress of their child.

iQuiz LMS Portal

iQuiz is a one stop educational portal that any educator needs. Build your own LMS from the quizzes and lessons in iQuiz.
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