Coordinator (ICT)
ICT Executive & Trainer

  • Mr Rizal Jailani
  • Mdm Nur Hidayah
  • Mdm Sahrina Rani
  • Cikgu Nur Atiqah
  • Cikgu Sakinah
  • Mdm Wan Juliana
  • Mdm Sueriaty
  • Ustz Noorfazihan
  • Ustz Khairunnisa Abdullah


Technical Asst & Designer

  • Mr Mohsain

ICT Framework

Baseline ICT Framework

All students will undergo the Baseline ICT Programmes during curriculum hours.

Primary 1
Basic computer operations & Touch Typing
Primary 2
Microsoft Word
Primary 3
Microsoft PowerPoint

Primary 4
Microsoft Excel
Primary 5
Scratch Programming
Primary 6
3D Modelling & Augmented Reality

Extended ICT Framework

Students will be given option to join various Extended ICT Programmes to enrich their ICT knowledge.

Primary 1
Touch Typing in Arabic
Primary 2
Goolge Sites
Primary 3
Information Mining from the internet

Primary 4
Primary 5
Android App Development
Primary 6
iMovie Video editing

ICT Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

CCAs are offered from Primary 3 onwards.
CCAs are held on Fridays from 2.30pm onwards.

Primary 2
Robotics Junior
Primary 3
Robotics (Beginner)

Primary 4 / Primary 5
Robotics (Advance)
Media Club


Our Robotics (Advance) CCA have been participating in 2 main Robotics competitions annually, the Asia-Pacific Youth Robotics Competition (APYRC) and the National Robotics Competition (NRC) by the Singapore Science Centre. The competitions gave them the exposure to robotics beyond their comfort zone and also to let them experience the expectations and requirements of participating in Nationwide competitions.

Alhamdullilah, we have won awards every year:

· 2019 : APYRC – 3rd for Team
· Fortress 2018 : APYRC – 2nd for Tug of War
· 2018 : NRC – 3rd for Science Automatica
· 2017 : NRC – 2nd for Science Automatica
· 2016 : APYRC – 1st for Line Tracing
· 2016 : Al Amin Robotics Challenge (Malaysia) – 3rd for Overall
· 2015 : APYRC – 3rd for Tug of War


STEM Club was introduced in 2019 to give our students an alternative platform to learn coding using Micro:bit. We participated in the 3D Tronics National Infocomm Competition organised by IMDA Singapore. 

Alhamdullilah, we won:

·2019 : 3D Tronics – 2nd for Most Intelligent Vehicle

ICT Learning Journeys

Local Learning Journey to The Innovation Lab by LEGO Education

Overseas Learning Journey to LEGOLAND Malaysia (STEM Programme)

Cyber Wellness Talks
Inculcating positive behaviour from young is very important including in the virtual world. We regularly conduct talks on Cyber Wellness to remind our pupils the importance of being good to others and also how they can help others.

Topics include Netiquette, Cyber Bullying, Dangers with Cyber Contacts and Handling Inappropriate Content.

Class AVA Monitor Training
Class AVA Monitors undergo basic ICT AVA training to equip them with the necessary skills to perform their duties. Their daily duty includes setting-up AVA equipment and also to assist teachers when they face technical issues in class.

ICT Competitions
Selected students were selected to participate in the BEBRAS Computational Thinking Skills competition. For 2019, our pupils achieved 2 Gold, 3 Silver & 4 Bronze awards!

Other competitions that we are planning to have are the ICAS (Digital Services) competition and our very own typing competition.

ICT Training for Teachers
Our teachers also attend various ICT trainings to equip them with the latest technologies to enhance their teaching. Some trainings were conducted in-house by IT Professionals and some were conducted tertiary institutions such as the Polytechnics.

Some of the courses that have been attended by our teachers were Collaboration using Google Suite, Google Forms, Android App Development, 360 Media, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

ICT Parent Volunteers
Our ICT Parent Volunteers play an important role to complement our teachers in executing various ICT Programs. Parent Volunteers who have specialised IT skills also contribute by conducting ICT Training for teachers or students and also provide consultancy service to the Madrasah in areas such as Cyber Security and also networking.

We greatly appreciate the contribution of all volunteers. We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to assist the Madrasah particularly in the area of ICT. Kindly email Mr Nizam, Asst Head of Dept (ICT & STEM), at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer with us.

Cyber Wellness Workshop for Parents
Equipping our parents with the necessary skills to help them monitor their child to achieve balance use of ICT is very important. Parents were also given information on the latest cyber threats and also on cyber bullying. We work with various agencies to conduct workshops for our parents.