Singapore Citizen
Singapore Permanent Resident
Dependant Pass Holder

Admission is only conducted at the beginning of the school year in the month of January. Application is accepted for the following levels/age:

Primary 1: 7 years old

The Primary 1 Madrasah Application Exercise is a joint effort between Muis and the 4 full-time madrasahs offering primary level education. Registration is usually conducted in March of the preceding year followed by the Entrance test in April. Please refer to Muis website for more details. 

There is strictly no other registration exercise period for this level.

We strongly encourage you to attend Our P1 Open House to find out more on the school’s programmes and curriculum and how to prepare for the Entrance Test. Information on our P1 Open house will be broadcasted in our website and facebook page.

Primary 2 to 4: 8 to 10 years old

Admission will depend on available vacancies and the child’s performance in the Entrance test. Subjects tested will be English Lang, Malay Lang, Arabic Lang and Mathematics. We will only conduct the test if there are vacancies. Entrance test is usually held in the month of November for admission in January of the following year.
Placement will be according to the age of the child. For Singaporeans and SPRs, no admission at a lower level is allowed.

We are not able to offer admission at Primary 5 and 6 as these are preparation years for the PSLE and ISPE examinations.

Application Process

Please fill up our Application Form. Documents required for submission together with the Application Form:
– Copy of child’s BC/Passport
– Copy of parents’ NRIC/Passport
– Copy of child’s current school’s End of Year Examination results for the last 3 years
You may email the completed form to [email protected] or mail to the following address:

Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah
277 Braddell Road
Singapore 579711
Attn: Admission Officer

Fee Structure

Monthly Fees

  •  Singapore Citizen : $130 per month (effective January 2019)
  • Singapore Permanent Resident : $200 per month
  • Dependant Pass Holder : $300 per month
  • Annual Supplementary Fee : $120 per year
  • Other Fees (Enrichment Programmes, Learning Journeys/Camps, CCA etc) are also applicable

Other Costs

  •  These costs are payable to the respective school-appointed vendors, and are subject to changes.
  • School Books : $400-$500 per year
  • School Transport : $95-$135 per month + $30 annual admin fee (surcharge is applicable for special arrangements)
  • School Uniform Set : $25-$60