Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)


  • To develop skills/talents beyond the classroom
  • To provide an alternative activity for students after school
  • To engage their mind and body into healthy lifestyle activities

In Madrasah Irsyad, we offer more than 15 CCAs for students to choose from. Currently, CCAs are available to Pri 2 to 5 students.

Majority of the CCAs in Madrasah Irsyad are conducted on Fridays, after Friday prayers. Some CCAs are held on Saturday mornings.

 1) Robotics Junior

1) Art (Beginner)

2) MasterChef (Beginner)

3) Robotics (Beginner)

4) Outdoor Adventure (Beginner)

5) Sports (Beginner)

6) Track & Field (Beginner)

Arts CCAs

1) Art Club

2) Khat Club

3) MasterChef Club

4) Silat Club

Information Technology CCAs

5) Media Club

6) Robotics Club

7) STEM Club

Sports CCAs

8) Outdoor Adventure Club

9) Swimming (Boys / Girls)

10) Track & Field Club

11) Netball

12) Soccer (Boys only)

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