Our Mission

For God, For Humanity

Indeed, I will send to Earth, Khalifah

al-Baqarah : 30


Our Vision

First Choice in Madrasah Education

Our Values

God-Conscious (Iman)
We believe that we’re here on a God-given mission. What we do in Irsyad is an Ibadah. We strive to undertake this mission with Amanah and Taqwa.

People-Centered (Ihsan)
Our existence is to serve others in Allah’s cause. Each person we encounter in Irsyad is important. We treat everyone with empathy and respect.

Excellence-Driven (Itqan)
We believe that this noble mission deserves only the best. We strive at giving our best, everytime. We are committed towards delivering our work with passion and professionalism.


Our Learning Outcomes

Glorifies Allah by radiating the message of Islam
Loves the Prophet through exemplifying his character
Devoted to the Quran and the knowledge therein
Emulates the learned scholars in their quest for knowledge
Possesses the spirit of a mujaddid in their innovative and enterprising spirit
Aspires to be a faithful servant by contributing to humanity